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Gears of War 4 "Get Out" and "The Great Escape" level art meshing.

XCOM 2 Slums Environment Art done in conjunction with Firaxis

Armored Warfare: World building and layout for two PvE maps

Fallout 4: Some rain/wetness material transition effects done for surfaces across the whole world.
The Evil Within. Work done on characters and materials for PS4 and XBOX One versions.

Ziggs fan art model. Rendered in mental ray.

Quick sketch of Viggo Mortensen

3D Sketch of Jon Hamm and Zbrush skin shader test

Bruce Willis Sculpt (Maya/Zbrush)

Below are images of the work I did on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
Statue model used early on for our prototype vertical slice.

Anatomy study sculpt used as the early placeholder test fighter for PlayStation All-Stars.

Jetpack arm used for Radec's Super Level 3 move.

In the early beginning of production on PlayStation All-Stars we began searching for other possible ways to improve visibility of the character through exaggerated form and color. The following are exploration 2D and 3D sketches I generated as tests early on. 

Ironclad concept for The Workshop

Work in Progress concept piece for model.

Work in progress Concept for model

Assault Rifle concept art

Machine device concept art

Effects concept art

Rocket Launcher concept art

Detonator concept for "Legendary"

Enemy concept variations